Gérard FROMANGER (1939-2021)的艺术市场新闻



Flash News: Hockney by Freud – Tribute to Gérard Fromanger – Hauser & Wirth Monaco [2021年06月25日]

Record expected for portrait of David Hockney by Lucian Freud There hasn’t been a single painting by Lucian FREUD auctioned for two years now. But collectors will at last have something to bid for because – almost ten years after the great artist’s death on 20 July 2011 – Sotheby’s is offering a small canvas […]

新闻简报 : La Tefaf – Maastricht – New York – 热拉尔·弗罗芒热 – Beaubourg – Dubuffet [2016年03月11日]

每两周,Artprice都会使用寥寥数语和多项数据对艺术市场的最新动态进行盘点 : Tefaf – Maastricht – New York – Gérard Fromanger – Beaubourg – Dubuffet

聚焦叙事塑型(Figuration Narrative) [2015年03月17日]

叙事塑型(Figuration Narrative)是正式起源于1965年的法国艺术运动,庆祝其成立五十周年并携手各大拍卖行共同庆祝这个纪念日。

第17届巴黎艺术博览会 [2015年03月10日]

每年两大当代艺术国际展览会都在巴黎举行 (经常与其他展览相结合):一个是国际当代艺术博览会 (简称FIAC),每年十月开展 ;另一个是每年三月举行的巴黎艺术博览会。后者将于2015年3月26日至29日在大皇宫开展。

Narrative Figuration – The rehabilitation of a French movement [2008年03月10日]

After the Art Paris contemporary art fair (from 3 to 7 April), the Grand Palais will stage a much-anticipated three-month retrospective on Narrative Figuration (Narrative Figuration, Paris, 1960-1972, from 16 April to 13 July), a French art movement mirroring American Pop Art of the 1960s.

POP ART made in France [2003年04月15日]

Although pop art has so far only reached its full potential in the United States, the movement also has roots in Europe. Now, the market is starting to remember.