Robert HENRI (1865-1929)

Robert Henry COZAD
其他可能的“作品鉴别”类别: 款, 圈子, 仿


Finding a niche in a declining market.

Collectors are being bombarded with offers aimed at reviving the current sluggish market. But the figures tell a different story. The buy-in ratio over the last six months has averaged 37% and auction houses are increasingly struggling to fill their catalogues. By 23 September, only 185 fine art sales had been announced for October 2003 compared to 263 a year earlier.


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的Robert HENRI (1865-1929)是出生于1865的艺术家。 他在本站上的最早一笔成交记录为 水彩作品,于1983年在Christie's拍出。最新一笔记录则为于2021年拍出的水彩作品。他在Artprice.com艺术家关键数字及市场趋势是依据691笔成交结果所作的分析。 特别是:绘画, 水彩作品, 版画. 艺术家Robert HENRI (1865-1929)的作品即将上拍卖场。