AN Hong (1963)


艺术家AN Hong目前没有任何作品正在拍卖


Speculation is showing no signs of slowing and auction sales are ever stronger, and prices ever higher. The price appreciation has been staggering for the generation of young Chinese artists and the number of investors continues to grow. It often takes only a few years for a Chinese artist to see a tenfold price increase, as with ZHANG Xiaogang or CAI Guoqiang to cite just a couple of examples. Symbolic of the price increases: the ten most successful auctions of contemporary Chinese art have been recorded over the past twelve months. In the end, in 2006, 31.3% of the Chinese contemporary artworks sold at auction achieved more than $100,000. Given such price levels, the proceeds on Chinese contemporary art sales increased by a factor of ten in 2006.


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的AN Hong (1963)是出生于1963的艺术家。 他在本站上的最早一笔成交记录为 照片,于2005年在Declerck (S.V.V.)拍出。最新一笔记录则为于2010年拍出的照片。他在Artprice.com艺术家关键数字及市场趋势是依据8笔成交结果所作的分析。 特别是:照片, 绘画.