Augustin LESAGE (1876-1954)


艺术家Augustin LESAGE目前没有任何作品正在拍卖


It’s almost a textbook case: when a movement, disconnected from any existing networks, begins to gain visibility – often via self-funded exhibitions – and brings together a small community of artists, connoisseurs and collectors, it already has a reasonable chance of sticking. Then galleries get involved… public recognition starts to pick up… the artists’ works […]


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籍艺术家Augustin LESAGE (1876-1954), 该艺术家最早的成交记录为绘画作品,于1996年在Anton拍出。其最新的成交记录则为绘画作品,于2022年拍出。Artprice“数据分析与图表”以89则拍卖结果为依据。 特别是:绘画, 水彩作品. , 由1 Artprice网上商铺拍出。