Tobias REHBERGER (1966)


The 53rd Venice Biennial Art Fair opens to the public on 7 June 2009. For six months it presents a panorama of global contemporary art in pavilions representing the artists and countries invited. Launched in 1895, the Venice biennial has a long tradition of selecting a handful of artists to receive its prestigious prizes. Do the Golden Lions – awarded parsimoniously over the years – constitute an accelerator for the price indices of the artists that receive them?


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(德国)的Tobias REHBERGER (1966)是出生于1966的艺术家。 他在本站上的最早一笔成交记录为 雕塑,于2002年在Cornette de Saint-Cyr拍出。最新一笔记录则为于2020年拍出的雕塑。他在Artprice.com艺术家关键数字及市场趋势是依据76笔成交结果所作的分析。 特别是:雕塑, 版画, 照明, 绘画, 水彩作品, 照片, 多媒体, 陶瓷 , 构建元素. 艺术家Tobias REHBERGER (1966)的作品即将上拍卖场。