Jérôme MESNAGER (1961)

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Free Figuration is humour, spontaneity, an uncomplicated language of the people. The birth of the movement dates back to 1981, when Bernard Lamarche-Vadel showed the works of Rémy Blanchard, François Boisrond, Robert Combas and Hervé Di Rosa in his Paris apartment. What do these artists have in common? bright colours and a refreshing style, inspired by cartoons, advertising and daily life….universes accessible to everyone, well away from any artistic elitism.

籍艺术家Jérôme MESNAGER (1961), 该艺术家最早的成交记录为绘画作品,于1986年在Rogeon拍出。其最新的成交记录则为版画作品,于2022年拍出。Artprice“数据分析与图表”以1,274则拍卖结果为依据。 特别是:绘画, 版画, 雕塑, 水彩作品, 陶瓷 , 物品, 照片, 家具, 照明. 艺术家Jérôme MESNAGER (1961)的作品即将上拍卖场。 ,您可以在Artprice.com交易广场向您推荐艺术家的拍品 9 , 由2 Artprice网上商铺拍出。