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What Christie’s has in store for us in May… [2021年05月04日]

A clear sign the art market is returning to its pre-pandemic condition, the catalogues for Christie’s mid-May sales see the return of major masterpieces… in number, in diversity and in price… Whereas all the indicators were in the red last year with a constrained and impoverished market, the selection of Modern and Contemporary works due […]

Top results in 2020 [2020年12月11日]

The years go by… but are never quite the same… Bacon, Hockney and Rothko, who were already in the Top 10 results of 2019, are admittedly still present this year, but Claude Monet and Jeff Koons are absent. The latter two (very different) artists generated a record for Impressionism record at $110.7 million (Claude Monet’s […]

A look back over the major October art sales [2020年11月03日]

Works by Old Masters, Impressionists, Modern artists and Contemporary artists were all on offer in prestige sales that ended a few days ago most of which defiantly ignored traditional  classifications. Christie’s had a Tyrannosaurus Rex skeleton and a painting by Monet, while Sotheby’s offered three sculptural Alfa-Romeos by Franco Scaglione alongside a work by Richard […]

A couple of Parisian art fairs resist: Galeristes and ASIA NOW! [2020年10月20日]

Although all the major Parisian art events have been hastily cancelled (the Fiac, Paris photo and even Art & Museum) other fairs such as Galeristes and Asia Now have confirmed they will be taking place, highlighting the rarity of such events in this very difficult period. Galeristes 2020 The 5th edition of the Galeristes art […]

Top 10 works of abstract art [2018年11月16日]

Every other Friday Artprice posts an auction ranking to help you apprehend the Art Market’s leading trends. This week, Artprice takes a look at the 10 most expensive abstract artworks on the auction market and overviews the general value accretion currently affecting the entire genre. Abstraction is now over a century old. The genre was […]

Joan Miro show at the Grand Palais [2018年09月04日]

3 October 2018 – 4 February 2019 The Grand Palais in Paris is the superb location for an ambitious Joan MIRO (1893-1983) retrospective lasting four months. It’s not the first because back in 1974 the National Galleries of the Grand Palais hosted an exhibition of work by the Catalan artist to mark his 80th birthday. […]

Flash News: MoMA puts a Dubuffet and a Mathieu up for sale – Klimt – Works to exceed the 10 million mark – Karel Appel [2017年03月03日]

MoMA puts a Dubuffet and a Mathieu up for sale In November, MoMA asked the Parisian Applicat-Prazan Gallery to sell two post-war works from its collections: Topographie châtaine (1959) by Jean DUBUFFET and Théorème d’Alexandroff (1955) by Georges MATHIEU. In March 2017, these works will go on sale at major international fairs (Tefaf Maastricht and Art […]

Flash News: Zona Maco – London banks on America – Drawings – BRAFA [2017年02月03日]

Zona Maco 2017 Mexico is still poorly represented in the international art market with only two artists in the Artprice 2016 Contemporary Art Top 500 (Gabriel Orozco and Bosco Sodi) and auction proceeds of less than $6m. But the situation is changing quickly and the Mexican art market is becoming more and more dynamic. The […]

Flash News: Ai WeiWei – Palazzo Strozzi – AKAA – Paris – Abstract Expressionism – Rembrandt [2016年10月20日]

Ai Weiwei reframes the Palazzo Strozzi AI Weiwei’s first solo exhibition in Italy will surely not go unnoticed. Entitled ‘Ai Weiwei Libero’ as a tribute to the refugees criss-crossing Europe, it is the largest retrospective of his work to date and runs until 22 January 2017 at the Palazzo Strozzi in Florence. Arturo Galansino, who […]

Contemporary abstract art: Rothko, and company [2016年08月02日]

Today’s prices of American Abstract Expressionist art illustrate the country’s dominance of the global market, with works by Mark ROTHKO, Clyfford STILL, Jackson POLLOCK and Sam FRANCIS easily fetching more than $50 million at auction.

Latest New York summits [2016年05月17日]

Traditionally a crucial month for big auction houses, May sees the art market’s major dealers and collectors converge on New York for the Frieze (5-8 May 2016), which acts as a prelude to the much anticipated prestige sales of Modern and Contemporary art

喜忧参半的第一场陶布曼(Taubman)艺术藏品专拍 [2015年11月10日]


新闻简报 : Giovanni Anselmo – Barbara Hepworth – Art Basel [2015年06月26日]

每两周,Artprice都会使用寥寥数语和多项数据对艺术市场的最新动态进行盘点 : 乔凡尼·安塞尔莫(Giovanni Anselmo)名震艺拍市场 – 芭芭拉‧赫普沃斯(Barbara Hepworth)—现代世界的雕塑 – 巴塞尔艺术博览会盛大开幕

本周Artprice的榜单邀您回顾2014年度菲利普斯拍卖行十佳拍品排行榜。 [2015年03月13日]

周五最佳排行榜 !每两周,Artprice都会在周五向您推荐新成交纪录的主题排行榜。本周Artprice的榜单邀您回顾2014年度菲利普斯拍卖行十佳拍品排行榜。

2014年度十佳拍卖排行榜 [2014年12月19日]


当代艺术两晚吸金10亿美元 [2014年05月20日]


五十年代作品十佳拍卖 [2014年03月14日]


美国抽象表现主义十佳拍卖排行榜 [2014年01月03日]


11月12日佳士得拍卖会:创下史上最佳销售业绩 [2013年11月19日]


十强榜:全球最贵的作品 [2013年10月11日]


2013年最佳拍卖纪录:中美对决 [2013年08月27日]


Miami Art fair [2012年12月11日]

Every year – for any self-respecting art lover – the beginning of December is synonymous with Art Basel Miami Beach.