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聚焦叙事塑型(Figuration Narrative) [2015年03月17日]

叙事塑型(Figuration Narrative)是正式起源于1965年的法国艺术运动,庆祝其成立五十周年并携手各大拍卖行共同庆祝这个纪念日。

法国艺术家的拍卖纪录排行榜 [2013年01月04日]


Narrative Figuration – The rehabilitation of a French movement [2008年03月10日]

After the Art Paris contemporary art fair (from 3 to 7 April), the Grand Palais will stage a much-anticipated three-month retrospective on Narrative Figuration (Narrative Figuration, Paris, 1960-1972, from 16 April to 13 July), a French art movement mirroring American Pop Art of the 1960s.

HYPERREALISM – « Clichés » of reality… [2006年04月09日]

Hyperrealism, which emerged in the USA in the 60s, inherits its attachment to a banal everyday version of reality from Pop art. The artists draw their subjects from real life; but it is a “second-hand” real life, because they do not create their works directly in front of the person or thing they are depicting, but from photographs. They demonstrate a great, often laborious, technical virtuosity, to transcribe a reality that has been examined under a microscope.