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Flash News: Cimabue discovery – Zao Wou Ki and Sanyu masterpieces – A major de Staël to be offered [2019年10月04日]

Extraordinary Cimabue discovery… “Proud as the century in which he lived, he (Cimabue) perfectly depicted the faces of the people that populate his works, especially those of the elderly, portraying them in a strong and sublime manner that later artists were unable to capture”. (L. Lanzi, Storia pittorica della Italia). CIMABUE (c.1240/50-c.1302) on sale at […]

Paris posts good results at its Spring Sales [2019年06月18日]

Over the last couple of weeks, Post-War and Contemporary art has generated very good auction results in Paris. The French ‘stars’ of the market like Nicolas de Stael, Pierre Soulages and the German-French artist Hans Hartung all performed well, while the Sino-French artists posted superb results having become increasingly attractive to international collectors. Christie’s owes […]

Christie’s Top 10 results in Q1 [2019年05月03日]

In Artprice’s fortnightly series of auction rankings identifying the Art Market’s primary trends, this week’s Friday Top looks at Christie’s best results in the first quarter of 2019. The world’s most powerful art auctioneer (with a global turnover of nearly $5 billion from Fine Art in 2018) just keeps on generating extraordinary results. Two years […]

London / Paris [2018年10月16日]

An astonishing start to the new auction season in London has brought the vibrant Contemporary Art market back into the limelight. During the first fifteen days of October, London was the centre of the art world, with top-level events including Frieze London, Frieze Masters and the high-quality and eclectic Design fair, PAD. The city also […]

Flash News: Nicolas De Stael – Etel Adnan – Philippe Pasqua [2018年08月10日]

Nicolas de Staël – the art of the essential Between July 1953 and June 1954 Nicolas DE STAËL (1914-1955) spent eleven highly prolific months in Provence. Apart from falling in love with his host, Jeanne Mathieu, (and sending his wife and children back to Paris), it was a period of intense solitude and total immersion […]

The Austrian Top 10 [2017年10月27日]

It’s Top 10 Friday! Every other Friday, Artprice posts a theme-based auction ranking. Let’s focus this week on the Top 10 results obtained in Austria in 2017, which is ranked eighth in the world. Less in the spotlight than Paris, London, New York or Hong Kong, the Viennese marketplace is nevertheless among the most dynamic […]

本周行业领导先锋Artprice的榜单邀您回顾2014年度艾德拍卖行十佳拍品排行榜。 [2015年03月27日]

周五最佳排行榜 !每两周,Artprice都会在周五向您推荐新成交纪录的主题排行榜。本周行业领导先锋Artprice的榜单邀您回顾2014年度艾德拍卖行十佳拍品排行榜。

2月尼古拉•德•斯达埃尔的五幅画作 [2014年02月04日]

2月12日苏富比及2月13日佳士得将在伦敦推出战后和当代作品拍卖会。在众多大师作品中,尼古拉•德•斯达埃尔(Nicolas DE STAËL)的四幅油画也会在这两日亮相,其中三幅于1953-1955年间创作的晚期作品最深受大众追捧,身价也最居高不下。

艾德(Artcurial)拍卖行现代艺术品拍卖纪录 [2013年12月31日]

作为法国漫画与早期画作拍卖领域的领军者,艾德(Artcurial)拍卖行今年在现代艺术拍卖方面脱颖而出,实现了三笔价值百万的交易。成交作品分别出自阿里斯蒂德·马约尔(Aristide MAILLOL)、尼古拉斯·斯达尔(Nicolas DE STAËL)和古斯塔夫·卡耶博特(Gustave CAILLEBOTTE)这三位艺术家。

12月3日至5日不容错过的巴黎拍卖活动 [2013年11月25日]


在2011年1月到2012年五月期间成功拍出的十幅最大的巨幅油画 [2012年06月11日]


2011年1月至2012年4月十佳裸体作品拍卖纪录 [2012年05月11日]


法国艺术市场——2011年年终总结 [2011年12月27日]


Nicolas De Staël [2010年08月09日]

For the second time in fifteen years, the Swiss Pierre Gianadda Foundation has put on a major retrospective exhibition of the painter Nicolas de Staël (18 June – 21 November 2010).

Paris resists crisis [2009年07月13日]

Although the global art is in the midst of a crisis, Paris appears to be showing remarkable resistance: the number of auction sales and the volume of lots proposed has remained stable compared with 2008. Moreover, for the first quarter of 2009, the French capital posted a better overall revenue figure than either London or New York on the back of the Pierre Bergé-Yves Saint-Laurent sale at the Grand Palais in February.

The Second School of Paris – or informal art after WWII [2006年10月11日]

Over the last ten years, the price index for the second School of Paris has risen 130%; but it has not yet overtaken the level it reached at the height of the art market bubble in 1990/1991.The term second School of Paris refers to abstract artists working in France between 1940 and 1965. Like the Nice School, the Paris School is not a school as such, but rather a label that allows the art world to lump together a mixed bag of French and foreign artists living in France including the Russian Serge POLIAKOFF, Hans HARTUNG from Germany, Gustave SINGIER from Belgium, JJean-Michel ATLAN from Algeria, and Maria Elena VIEIRA DA SILVA from Portugal, among others. According to a number of art critics, these artists had interests in common with other « informals » like Pierre SOULAGES, Jean FAUTRIER, Maurice ESTEVE, Gustave SINGIER, Roger Bissière and Jean Bertholle.

Art Market Alert III [2003年10月08日]

Finding a niche in a declining market.

Collectors are being bombarded with offers aimed at reviving the current sluggish market. But the figures tell a different story. The buy-in ratio over the last six months has averaged 37% and auction houses are increasingly struggling to fill their catalogues. By 23 September, only 185 fine art sales had been announced for October 2003 compared to 263 a year earlier.

Nicolas de Staël [2003年02月23日]

The prices for Nicolas de Stael’s works are now back to their 1997 level. Nevertheless potential increase for the artworks of this major French modern artist remains fairly interesting.

Recent trends ahead of the big November auctions of 2002 [2002年10月23日]

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