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Historic volume of transactions in the first quarter [2021年04月20日]

Despite all the restrictions art market professionals have faced, Q1 2021 ended with a historic record in terms of the number of lots sold on the auction market. During the first quarter of 2021, more than 112,000 artworks changed hands in auction sales around the world. This remarkable figure illustrates the strong growth dynamic of […]

A stimulating end of quarter at Sotheby’s [2021年04月06日]

Having hosted Paris-London cross-geography and cross-category sales with a catalogue combining Giulio Romano and Gilbert & George, as well as Impressionist and Contemporary Art online sessions that elicited strong demand, Sotheby’s ended its first quarter on a high note with a total turnover of $208 million for 25 and 26 March alone. Van Gogh’s « Street […]

Christie’s generated $274.8 million on 23 March [2021年03月26日]

Christie’s pursued its online commitment in the framework of its prestige spring sales with three global live-streamed auctions from London, Hong Kong and New York on 23 March. Dedicated to 20th Century Art, the sessions generated a combined total of $274.8 million and included Jean-Michel BASQUIAT’s Warrior (sold in Hong Kong), a London session and […]

Joan Mitchell, the art market’s leading female artist… [2021年02月26日]

  The 17th most successful artist in the world (by 2020 annual auction turnover), Joan MITCHELL is above all the highest ranked female artist (after 16 men). Her annual total for last year exceeded that of hot signatures like Yoshitomo NARA (id: 171599), Yayoi KUSAMA and BANKSY. In the current health crisis, Joan Mitchell has […]

A look back over the major October art sales [2020年11月03日]

Works by Old Masters, Impressionists, Modern artists and Contemporary artists were all on offer in prestige sales that ended a few days ago most of which defiantly ignored traditional  classifications. Christie’s had a Tyrannosaurus Rex skeleton and a painting by Monet, while Sotheby’s offered three sculptural Alfa-Romeos by Franco Scaglione alongside a work by Richard […]

How to objectively define Contemporary Art in 2020? [2020年01月24日]

For the sake of coherence, clarity and transparency, Artprice’s editorial team has always divided Art History into five main periods with artworks being classified according to a simple and indisputable criterion… the birth year of their creators: Old Masters’ … artists born up until 1760 ‘19th century’ … artists born from 1760 to 1860 ‘Modern’ […]

Flash News: $12.2m for Banksy – New records at Christie’s – Nara, Japan’s most expensive living artist [2019年10月18日]

As Artprice by Art Market has just released it Annual Contemporary Art Market Report, we take a look at the first auction records of the new season. $12.2 million for Banksy’s political parody  Devolved Parliament is a huge painting (250 x 420 cm) completed 10 years ago, the biggest known canvas by Britain’s most popular living […]

Competition over Banksy – POSITIONS Berlin Art Fair [2019年08月30日]

Christie’s and Sotheby’s competing for Banksy The world’s two most powerful auction companies are now clearly surfing the banksymania wave! In the coming autumn season, each firm will be organizing an online sale dedicated to the art world’s most famous anonymous person, a year after the theatrical self-destruction stunt involving his Girl With Balloon getting half-shredded […]

Banksymania [2019年08月20日]

The most famous ‘street art graffiti artist’ of our era… and the British public’s favourite living artist… Banksy’s popularity has been confirmed on the Art Market.   According to a YouGov poll, the British prefer BANKSY to Picasso. The Street Art supremo has been named as Britain’s fourth favourite artist in art history… after Leonardo […]

London / Paris [2018年10月16日]

An astonishing start to the new auction season in London has brought the vibrant Contemporary Art market back into the limelight. During the first fifteen days of October, London was the centre of the art world, with top-level events including Frieze London, Frieze Masters and the high-quality and eclectic Design fair, PAD. The city also […]

A High-octane start to the new season [2018年10月09日]

Fired up by the built to be destructed Banksy’s work, by Zao Wou-ki’s new record of more than $65 million and a generally favourable market context (according to Artprice’s AMCI confidence index, 68% of market professionals are in the mood for buying art), the new auction season has all the stars aligned for dynamic market […]

新闻简报: 澳大利亚举行日本艺术展 – 万众瞩目的妮基·桑法勒 – ART.FAIR 2014现当代艺术博览会 [2014年10月03日]

每两周,Artprice都会使用寥寥数语和多项数据对艺术市场的最新动态进行盘点: 澳大利亚举行日本艺术展 – 万众瞩目的妮基·桑法勒 – ART.FAIR 2014现当代艺术博览会

班克斯(Banksy):市场不降温 [2013年08月13日]

两年前,一出炉便受到媒体广泛关注的纪录片《Exit Through the Gift Shop》,再一次让班克斯成为藏家宠儿。

十次最棒街头艺术拍卖会(40岁以下的艺术家) [2012年08月17日]


当代雕塑 [2011年07月08日]


Banksy – from urban vandal to urban hero [2011年01月17日]

Last December saw the release of a cinema documentary about Banksy. However, viewers of Exit Through the gift shop (translated into French as Faites le mur) are unlikely to learn much about the mysterious artist whose face is filmed in the shade and whose voice is deformed by a vocoder.

Prints: a very broad price range… [2010年12月20日]

A personal art collection often begins with some kind of ‘multiple’ work like a photograph or a print. These formats – which usually change hands at very affordable prices – represent a low-risk way of participating in the art market.

French Contemporary Artists [2010年10月14日]

Every fortnight Artprice provides you with a new or updated ranking in its Alternate-Friday Top Series. The theme of today’s TOP article is the 10 best auction results generated by French artists in 2010.

Street Art is à la mode [2010年03月30日]

Born on the streets of New York in the 1960s and incarnating rebelliousness and non-conformity, tags, graffiti and stencils have found their way into galleries, auction rooms and collections. Today, street art is clearly fashionable having earned its stars in numerous exhibitions at venerable institutions like the Tate Modern in London (Street art, 23 May – 25 August 2008) and the Grand Palais of Paris (Tag, 27 March – 26 April 2009).

The highs and lows of contemporary artists [2010年01月19日]

As expected, auction revenue figures for contemporary artists in 2009 contracted quite substantially (divided by 14 in the case of Damien Hirst, and by 3 in the case of Jeff Koons). However, for all that, the market is not in bad condition. The loss of the speculative element has essentially allowed prices to settle back to 2004 levels.

Affordable art: a diversified market [2009年05月18日]

For 10 years now a special “roaming” art fair has been dedicated to affordable art contributing to dispelling the notion that art is elitist and beyond the budgets of the masses.From 4 to 7 June 2009, the Affordable Art Fair is returning to Paris, at the Espace Champerret, having already visited London, Sydney, Amsterdam, New York and Brussels. Young collectors and informed non-professionals seeking new talents can discover more than 600 artists at prices ranging from 100 to 5,000 euros.