Gerrit Thomas RIETVELD (1888-1964)

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Like all artists, CHRISTO (1935-2020) and Jean-Claude fraternized with other artists and in some cases became very close friends. And like most artists, they also acquired and surrounded themselves with artworks they particularly liked. Christo and Jeanne Claude together acquired some exceptional pieces during their lives including works by Andy WARHOL, Marcel DUCHAMP, Lucio FONTANA […]


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籍艺术家Gerrit Thomas RIETVELD (1888-1964), 该艺术家最早的成交记录为家具作品,于1986年在佳士得拍出。其最新的成交记录则为家具作品,于2022年拍出。Artprice“数据分析与图表”以792则拍卖结果为依据。 特别是:家具, 照明, 雕塑, 版画, 物品, 水彩作品, 照片, 绘画. 艺术家Gerrit Thomas RIETVELD (1888-1964)的作品:3,即将上场拍卖。 , 由1 Artprice网上商铺拍出。