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新闻简报 : 西班牙摄影节(PhotoEspana),拉丁美洲和女人 – 阿尼什·卡普尔(Anish KAPOOR)和凡尔赛 – M C 埃舍尔(M C Escher)在伦敦的大型回顾展 [2015年06月12日]

每两周,Artprice都会使用寥寥数语和多项数据对艺术市场的最新动态进行盘点 : 西班牙摄影节(PhotoEspana),拉丁美洲和女人 – 阿尼什·卡普尔 – M.C.埃舍尔

Photography: 3 days of Paris sales and 32 records [2010年11月29日]

Timed to coincide with Paris Photo (a series of photography exhibitions and events all over the French capital during the month of November) Parisian auction companies held three days of specialised sales (19 – 21 November) generating a total revenue of €14m (Sotheby’s, Christie’s, Piasa and Ader Nordmann & Kapandji Morhange) and 32 auction records.

Surrealist photography – convulsive beauty [2007年09月27日]

Surrealist photography was officially born in 1924 with the movement Manifesto by André Breton. The thirst for new experiences which inspired the surrealist oeuvre sustained the exploration of the photographic medium in various forms. Man Ray’s solarization involving exposing the negative to light, Raoul Ubac’s brûlages, Pierre Molinier’s photomontages or André Kertész’s mirror effects are all examples of techniques which de-realise subjects and objects, giving them an element of mystery…Surrealist beauty is irrational and coincidental, marvellous and convulsive.

Surrealist photography market [2005年03月30日]

« Begierde im Blick » (the Gaze of Desire) is the main theme of the major exhibition on surrealist photography held at the Kunsthalle, Hamburg running until 29 May 2005.An element of the surrealism movement since its beginnings in 1924, photography allowed to capture images and sensations taken from « real » life. For MAN RAY, Jacques-André BOIFFARD, Hans BELLMER, Manuel ÁLVAREZ BRAVO, Raoul UBAC, André KERTÉSZ, Herbert BAYER and Claude CAHUN, photography provided a way to present a surrealist vision of the world: an impossible reality.

Contemporary photography: +35% in 2004 [2005年03月21日]

In the mid-1990s, paintings were the only medium in the art market that investors considered of any speculative interest. But recently, with growing demand and a wave of artistic renewal, other creative formats have proved as, or more, lucrative than paintings. The photography market has been expanding rapidly for the past five years and is today one of the art world’s fastest-growth segments.

Testing times for photography [2003年10月15日]

While few segments of the art market have escaped the current depression some are being especially hard hit. This is particularly true of photography. After riding the speculative wave of 1997-2001, prices have crashed since the start of the year. The crisis is all the more striking as it comes straight after a boom in the sector.