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Flash News: NFT sales in Hong Kong – Macklowe Collection and Cox Collection [2021年09月17日]

No return to business after the summer recess without NFTs!… Last week, from just two lots created by Yuga Labs in its online session “Ape In!” Sotheby’s generated $26.2 million, setting its latest record for an NFT sale. Of these two lots, a set of 101 YUGA LABS NFTs depicting monkeys sold for $24.4 million (101 […]

Focus on Cy Gavin [2021年07月20日]

Cy GAVIN (born 1985) is originally from Pennsylvania, south of Pittsburgh. As a youngster, he was passionate about art and spent a lot of time in the Carnegie Museum of Art, which he sneaked into by a passage through the library, and then through the basements of the museum, not having the means to pay […]

1958… when Sotheby’s took a decisive leap into the future [2021年04月27日]

In the era of NFTs and the crypto-monetization of the art market, Artprice looks back to the 1950s when the first wave of auction modernization was largely initiated by Sotheby’s bold and dynamic chairman, Peter Wilson. It has often been said that the modern art market was born at 9:30 pm on 15 October 1958, […]

The tranquil power of Morandi’s œuvre is still convincing… [2021年03月23日]

Classical but modern, calm but intense, figurative but minimalist … beyond the paradoxes, Morandi’s paintings evoke a simplicity and immobility that seem at odds with our image-consuming lifestyles and customs. Everything is a mystery said Morandi, ourselves and all things both humble and simple. With rigor, perseverance and modesty, the artist got as close as […]

Buyer’s premium: is art becoming increasingly expensive? [2021年03月09日]

2013, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2019 … more or less substantial increases in buyer’s fees are regularly imposed on bidders. The price reached when an auctioneer’s gavel drops – the hammer price – is not the price actually paid for the artwork. Auction houses take commissions, some of which are paid by the buyer who placed […]

The Vollard Suite… a case study [2020年11月06日]

Although Pablo Picasso taught himself the engraving techniques that he mastered, he actually produced more than 2,500 engravings of various kinds. In the 1930s he produced what has come to be known as the Vollard Suite, a series of 100 prints whose themes and styles provide an unparalleled insight into the life of the Spanish […]

Christie’s Top 10 results in Q1 [2019年05月03日]

In Artprice’s fortnightly series of auction rankings identifying the Art Market’s primary trends, this week’s Friday Top looks at Christie’s best results in the first quarter of 2019. The world’s most powerful art auctioneer (with a global turnover of nearly $5 billion from Fine Art in 2018) just keeps on generating extraordinary results. Two years […]

London. Year’s first results… and upcoming sales [2019年03月05日]

With the value of sterling contracting against the dollar over the last two years in reaction to Brexit, buying art in London has become slightly more attractive for a market whose principal language is the dollar. While Sotheby’s is claiming that its latest Impressionist & Modern Art sale attracted the most international list of registered […]

Paul Cézanne, the Father of Modern art [2018年12月18日]

Cézanne occupies a special place in the history of Modern art. Rejected by the art world at the beginning of his career, he had a major influence on numerous artists. Mocked during his lifetime, his paintings are today among the most expensive on the global market. The story of Paul CÉZANNE’s accession to this special […]

Top results from the Paris Drawing Week [2018年03月23日]

The Friday “Top”. This week our fortnightly Top-10 auction ranking focuses on the 10 best results ever hammered in the French capital for drawings. The ranking provides historical reference points for the sales to be held in Paris during the last week of March… sales that will round off an intense month of drawing market […]

Flash News: Cézanne at Gianadda – Petiet Collection – Man Ray [2017年08月25日]

Cézanne at the Gianadda Foundation Paul CÉZANNE (1839-1906) seems to be a popular figure in the current exhibitions of European museums. No fewer than three exhibitions are examining different facets of his work: his portraits are on show at the Musée d’Orsay in Paris, a collection of his drawings at the Kunstmuseum in Basel and […]

Drawing and its market [2016年04月05日]

In Paris, three drawing fairs (Le Salon du dessin, Drawing Now and DDESSIN) focus on a medium of prime importance to art history, but unfortunately

曼·雷(Man Ray)“超脱,但绝非漠不关心” [2015年09月08日]

“超脱,但绝非漠不关心”(曼·雷(Man Ray)的座右铭),曼·雷(是先锋派艺术家中的跨界奇才,他玩世不恭、想象力丰富、动手能力极强。名扬大西洋两岸,在法国掀起了艺术革命,对美国艺术届的影响也极为深远。

周五最佳静物画排行榜 ! [2015年06月18日]


大观小尺寸作品 [2013年03月29日]

太棒了 ,又到了周五,!每两周,Artprice都会按照主题向您推荐一个新的拍卖纪录排行榜。本周的主题 :2012年排名前十的小规格作品。

戈雅、汉斯·梅姆林、夏尔丹等艺术家的作品1月底在纽约开拍 [2013年01月15日]


法国艺术家的十佳拍卖纪录 [2012年10月12日]

又到周五了,太棒了!每两周,Artprice都会向您推荐一个按主题制作的拍卖排行榜。本周主题 :最近8个月中各时代法国艺术家的十大最佳拍卖纪录。

2012年前半年的最佳拍卖记录 [2012年08月31日]


2001年5月的拍卖会 [2011年05月13日]


在苏富比诞生的拍卖纪录 [2011年04月29日]


The 10 best results on the London art market in 2010 [2010年08月19日]

Every fortnight Artprice provides you with a new or updated ranking in its Alternate-Friday Top Series. The theme of today’s TOP article is the 10 best auction results in London this year.

Paris / London – forthcoming Impressionist & Modern Art sales [2010年06月15日]

Before the art world settles down to a quiet summer, we can look forward to some profitable auction results in London at the sale of the Polaroid collection (to pay its debts) on 21 and 22 June, the Impressionist & Modern Art sales of 23 and 24 June and the Contemporary Art sales of 28 and 29 June.

A wave of optimism at the London sales [2010年02月08日]

Christie’s and Sotheby’s have won their gamble. The Impressionist & Modern Art sales on 2 and 3 February in London generated one global all-segment record and 29 results above £1m out of 87 lots offered. Christie’s managed to sell 87.5% of its lots for £61m (est. £48m-69m) plus the £8.5m from its special session devoted to surrealist art.

Impressionist and Modern sales in London – unabashed confidence! [2010年01月25日]

Since the peak in January 2008, the price index of Impressionist art has contracted sharply: down 39.3%. But for Christie’s and Sotheby’s – judging by the high estimates in the catalogues for their upcoming London sales – the price deflation is now over.

The TOP 10 artists [2008年03月13日]

Every year Artprice compiles a ranking of artists based on the total revenue generated by public sales of each artist’s work, with Pablo Picasso invariably taking the number one position on the market podium. Not so in 2007: after nearly 10 years, the champion of modern art has been dethroned by the guru of Pop art, Andy Warhol. Second in 2006, Warhol became the global market leader in 2007.More than just one name replacing another, this ‘event’ reflects a veritable sea-change in the auction world. While in the 1990s the very pinnacle of the art market belonged to the impressionists, particularly Auguste Renoir and Claude Monet, and then, after 2000, to the moderns with Pablo Picasso and Gustave Klimt, today, and possibly for some time to come, the market has hoisted contemporary art to the summit of the pyramid.