Ibrahim MAHAMA (1987)


艺术家Ibrahim MAHAMA目前没有任何作品正在拍卖


The auction houses have not found it an easy task to bring Modern and Contemporary African art to the eyes of international collectors, but some of them have shown remarkable tenacity, giving the works time to find their audience. After several years of disappointment, demand is clearly on the ascent with their turnover from African […]


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(加纳)的Ibrahim MAHAMA (1987)是出生于1987的艺术家。 他在本站上的最早一笔成交记录为 绘画,于2015年在富艺斯拍卖行拍出。最新一笔记录则为于2021年拍出的雕塑。他在Artprice.com艺术家关键数字及市场趋势是依据26笔成交结果所作的分析。 特别是:雕塑, 绘画.