Giuseppe PELLIZZA DA VOLPEDO (1868-1907)

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Around 1890, in a reaction against impressionism and the creeping materialism of the industrial revolution, a new pictorial language began to emerge across Europe, symbolism. Not content with reproducing the real world, the symbolists broke away from narrative and landscape art and its canons, and sought to connect with their viewers’ sensitivity through shapes and colours. Prices for their work have risen steadily in the past 10 years (+116% between 1992 and June 2003), but the diverse personalities and nationalities making up the symbolism movement is reflected in a wide variation in prices.


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(意大利)籍艺术家Giuseppe PELLIZZA DA VOLPEDO (1868-1907), 该艺术家最早的成交记录为绘画作品,于1990年在Finarte拍出。其最新的成交记录则为绘画作品,于2022年拍出。Artprice“数据分析与图表”以88则拍卖结果为依据。 特别是:绘画, 水彩作品, 版画. , 由1 Artprice网上商铺拍出。