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Studio sales… rediscovery and intimacy [2020年12月08日]

“Delacroix sale: – The sale was a triumph that exceeded the hopes of the artist’s most faithful friends. The results represent one of those posthumous rehabilitations that only our country is capable of. The readers of La Presse should not be surprised by this after the eloquent articles which Mr Paul de Saint-Victor wrote about […]

Nicolas Party helps resuscitate art market [2020年09月15日]

Ludic and colourful, the work of this Swiss artist is attracting the attention of international collectors.   Nicolas PARTY was born in Lausanne in 1980 and now lives between Brussels and New York. Exhibited by several major international galleries and museums, last year he became one of the youngest recruits at Hauser & Wirth, a highly […]

Orientalist art… [2017年04月18日]

Orientalism has returned to favour and now occupies a key date in London’s art sales calendar. Artprice looks ahead to Sotheby’s sale on 25 April 2017. After a golden age in the 19th century, the taste for all-things Oriental lost much of its momentum, and the circle of Western enthusiasts and collectors of Orientalist art […]

十佳拍卖排行榜欧洲巡礼。第二站:比利时 [2014年09月26日]


2011年1月至2012年4月十佳裸体作品拍卖纪录 [2012年05月11日]


DELACROIX, Eugène (1798-1863) [2003年11月30日]

The market is still teeming with Délacroix drawings and sketches, mostly from his travels in Morocco and Algeria.

Djazaïr: French orientalists honoured during Algeria Year [2003年11月25日]

France has seen a dramatic increase in the number of cultural events to celebrate Algeria Year, which include three major exhibitions of orientalist art: “De Delacroix à Renoir, l’Algérie des peintres”, at the Arab World Institute (until 18 January 2004), “Fantaisies du Harem et nouvelles Schéhérazade” at Lyon’s Natural History Museum (until 4 January 2004) and “De Delacroix à Matisse – Dessins du musée des Beaux-Arts d’Alger” at the Louvre (until 19 January 2004).