Art Market Top Auction Records



The Sotheby’s, Christie’sand Phillips evening sales of « Impressionism & modern art », « Contemporary »and « Photography » in New York have closed with a lot of new price records.
During this major auction week, 16 auction records were auctioned over theUS$million.

Selected auction records reported by Artprice : Paul GAUGUINUSD 35,000,000: Maternité (II) (1899)Amedeo MODIGLIANIUSD 28,000,000: Jeanne Hébuterne devant une porte (1919)Piet MONDRIAANUSD 18,750,000: «New York, Boogie Woogie» (1941-1942)Mark ROTHKOUSD 15,500,000: «No.6 (Yellow, White, Blue Over Yellow on Gray)» (1954)Camille PISSARROUSD 8,000,000: Printemps/Ete/Automne/Hiver (1872-1873)Henry MOOREUSD 7,500,000: Three-piece reclining Figure: draped (1975)Chaïm SOUTINEUSD 6,000,000: Le chasseur de chez Maxim’s (c.1925)Kees VAN DONGENUSD 5,300,000: Femme fatale (c.1905)Maurizio CATTELANUSD 2,700,000: La nona ora (1999)Robert MOTHERWELLUSD 2,600,000: «Elegy to the Spanish Republic No.71» (1961)Joan MITCHELLUSD 2,400,000: «King of Spades» (1956)Piero MANZONIUSD 1,600,000: Achrome (1959)Arturo MICHELENAUSD 1,200,000: L’enfant malade (1887)Marlene DUMASUSD 1,100,000: Jule, die Vrou (1985)Mark TANSEYUSD 1,100,000: The Key (1984)Barbara HEPWORTHUSD 1,000,000: The Family of Man: Figure I, Ancestor I (1970)