Our selection of NUDES!


From time to time, Artmarket scans the proposals by our partner galleries on Artprice Marketplace to pick out a selection of ‘favorites’. This latest selection honors one of the most popular subjects in art history: the nude, both feminine and masculine. Delicacy, sensuality, depth and artistic genius… the nude is an ideal vector for artistic expression.

Bathing nudes, odalisques, ranging from modesty to glorification and eroticism… the genre spans the entire history of art, including the Contemporary era. This latest selection takes us on a quick journey through time and artistic techniques, and all the works listed are offered for sale on the Artprice Marketplace.


Study for Great American Nude #93, 1967
Drawing, 14 x 20,3 cm

Galerie Daniel Cardani > Contact the seller

Liegender Akt, 1993
Print. Edition of 25, 39 x 49 cm

Galerie Kellermann > Contact the seller

Nu-Montagne Sainte-Victoire et Lac de Bimont, 1928
Oil on canvas, 97 x 146 cm

H2bgalerie > Contact the seller

Nu de dos au perroquet,, 1935
Oil on panel, 66,3 x 101 x 1,5 cm

Private seller

Mikhaïl Viktorovic RUNDALIJZEFF
Nude, 1943
Oil on canvas, 92 x 142 cm

Rain Art > Contact the seller

Aristide MAILLOL
Nu debout à la draperie, 1988
Ink, drawing, 185 x 185 cm

Galerie Jacques Bailly > Contact the seller

Iggy Pop nude, 1971-2015
Photograph, ⅗, 122 x 157 cm

Collection Bel Oeil > Contact the seller

Bruce Bellas
Male Nude, 1988
Photograph, 25,4 x 20,32 cm

Madrid Art Collection > Contact the seller

Domestic nude n.11, 1992
Photograph, 5/15, 46,9 x 35,7 cm

Galeria MaPa > Contact the seller