Carlo VANCHIERI - Pesce

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作品类型 原作
作品名称 Pesce
类别 绘画
创作技法 油 画布面
签名 右下图
23,62 x 27,56 in
60 x 70 cm
开立证明书之单位/机构 Vanchieri Carlo
购买凭证 不同意

This artwork has been exhibited at Art Quake Kyoto 2017 Biennale, held at The Museum of Kyoto, Japan (April 3rd/9th 2017).

The painting aims to represent an underwater view of a precise instant about the surprisingly impression in catching sight of a quiet fish (vaguely be a grouper).

P.s. frame consists of a clear green rubber wire.

淘品信息编号 1951838
国家和地区 ITALY (Bagheria)
费用 运交是买方付款的
邮资 60
包裹数量 1
重量 3.0 Kg

Shipping price shown is just approximate. Of course, it actually depends on buyer's location. I think I'll have to get estimated shipping costs directly from couriers, depending on receiver's location then.

1.700 $ (1.509 €)
1.700 $
1.700 $ (1.309 £)
拍卖开始时间 2019年05月04日 06:00


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