Tommaso FATTOVICH - Bones

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作品类型 原作
作品名称 Bones
类别 绘画
创作技法 综合材料
签名 背面
60 x 48 in
152.4 x 121.92 cm
开立证明书之单位/机构 IdeelArt
开立收据之单位/机构 Tommaso Fattovich
作品现状 优秀

Mixed media on canvas - Unframed.

Fattovich calls his style Abstract Punk.
His compositions evolve according to a subliminal process in which he responds viscerally to the colors, layers, lines and shapes, coaxing each composition along until it reveals itself to him as being finished.
Fattovich is motivated by a deep inner need to express energy and spontaneity.
The imagery in his work is a reflection of what he calls “destroyed surreal environments.”
The rust and rabble of the decaying urban environment, both in his hometown of Milan and his adopted home in Florida, finds its way into his compositions. Fragments of the modern world seem to appear and then disappear in the work.

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帐户类型 公司
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6,600 £

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