Émile FRIANT - Cap Martin landscape (on the Côte d´Azur)

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作品类型 原作
作品名称 Cap Martin landscape (on the Côte d´Azur)
类别 绘画
创作技法 油彩/底板
签名 左下图
12.6 x 23.23 in
32 x 59 cm
开立证明书之单位/机构 Maison d-Art
开立收据之单位/机构 Maison d-Art
作品现状 票据

Oil on wood board signed « E. Friant » on lower left part & located « Cap Martin » on bottom right part. Dated “86” and located “au Cap Martin” in pencil on verso. Provenance : Private collection of a Loire Château. Painted in 1886 during his travel to Italy with Constant Coquelin after Belgium & the Netherlands. Emile Friant had the common sense and solidity of realists. Excellent technician who knew how to do everything in the field of drawing and painting specially of landscapes, his art came from the tender and quirky look he took on the world.

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卖家类型 公司