Catherine VAMVAKAS LAY - Four Pomegranate Seeds Plus One

艺术家 艺术家关键数字及市场趋势 Catherine VAMVAKAS LAY / 交易广场上的所有艺术品
作品类型 原作
作品名称 Four Pomegranate Seeds Plus One
类别 雕塑
创作技法 玻璃雕塑
编号及/或版本 1/1
签名 没有签名
4 x 6 x 5.5 in
10.16 x 15.24 x 13.97 cm
开立证明书之单位/机构 Oeno Gallery
购买凭证 不同意
作品现状 差距

A grouping of luscious pomegranate red glass and one single seed. Skilfully executed in blown glass - the inner element opaque, the outer translucent. Works from this series were recently selected to be exhibited at the prestigious international glass exhibition in Seoul, South Korea.

Vamvakas Lay often incorporates pomegranate imagery combined with bronze, to explore this ancient symbol of spirituality. She earned a degree in the Fine Arts (specializing in sculpture) from York University, and a diploma in glass from Sheridan Institute of Technology. Vamvakas has received several honors and awards including receipt of a full time residence at Harbourfront Centre Glass Studio for three years in Toronto. Her work is part of many collections in Canada, the US, Amsterdam and Korea, and she has participated in group exhibitions in the US, Korea, Japan, Canada and Belgium.

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