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Sotheby’s… stronger together! [2020年12月15日]

As the year draws to a close, the major auction houses have increasingly pursued a ‘big mix’ (all periods together) strategy. This was definitely the case with Sotheby’s recent New York sale which offered a small but solid catalog of works completely unshackled by divisions into traditional ‘periods of creation’. The art from the past […]

Top results in 2020 [2020年12月11日]

The years go by… but are never quite the same… Bacon, Hockney and Rothko, who were already in the Top 10 results of 2019, are admittedly still present this year, but Claude Monet and Jeff Koons are absent. The latter two (very different) artists generated a record for Impressionism record at $110.7 million (Claude Monet’s […]

Studio sales… rediscovery and intimacy [2020年12月08日]

“Delacroix sale: – The sale was a triumph that exceeded the hopes of the artist’s most faithful friends. The results represent one of those posthumous rehabilitations that only our country is capable of. The readers of La Presse should not be surprised by this after the eloquent articles which Mr Paul de Saint-Victor wrote about […]

Sanyu expected in Top 10 for this year [2020年12月04日]

Christie’s last major sale of the year in Hong Kong was heavily dependent on SAN Yu (1901-1966). On Wednesday, 2 December, Christie’s hosted a multi-period international sale of 20th Century Art featuring works by artists from all the great nations of the global art market. From ZAO Wou-Ki to Joan MITCHELL, from Yayoi KUSAMA to […]

René Gimpel’s Derain scandal [2020年12月01日]

Lawsuits with theatrically artistic names are a regular feature of the art world and they occasionally spill over into mainstream media: Pissarro’s Shepherdess (since 2016), The despoiled porcelains of the Manufacture de Sèvres (returned to Lucie Jonquet’s beneficiaries in 2020) and – just recently (30 September ) – a successful appeal concerning René Gimpel’s Derain […]

Highlights expected at Christie’s at the beginning of December [2020年11月27日]

December’s art sales will mark the last salvo of what has been – despite everything – an extraordinary year on the art auction market. Artprice takes a quick look at the most eagerly awaited works on offer as the year’s end approaches. Christie’s Hong Kong… 2 December Visits started on 21 November in New York […]

Focus on Faith Ringgold [2020年11月24日]

She couldn’t found a gallery for years… but now the major American museums are all looking for a chance to adding the work of this pioneering artist to their collections. Why is Faith Ringgold essential? And what is the best way to buy one of her works?   Artist, activist and author, Faith RINGGOLD (90 […]

Chu Teh-Chun, born 100 years ago, reaches new auction high [2020年11月20日]

“The inspiration I have followed finds its only source in nature… and its preferred mode of expression is lyricism.” Chu Teh-Chun The poet of pictorial abstraction Chu Teh-Chun would have been 100 years old this year and current tributes are – like his work – grandiose! To mark the occasion, a new documentary film retracing […]

Painting vs sculpture, which category is the most competitive ? [2020年11月17日]

The most highly regarded living artist on the planet, Jeff Koons has taken contemporary sculpture to the peak of prices, but Contemporary painting has progressed faster than any other Art Market segment. Here is an excerpt from our latest report on 20 years of contemporary art at auction.   Painting… above all The most expensive […]

Focus on Zanele Muholi [2020年11月13日]

Aged 48, South African artist Zanele Muholi has already had lots of public exposure, received numerous honours and is regularly invited to speak at conferences. In terms of sexual identity, Muholi claims to be ‘non-binary’ and therefore uses they/them pronouns. With an upcoming retrospective at the Tate Modern, Muholi’s photographs are currently in strong demand. […]

Luxembourg Art Week / The Fair … online only! [2020年11月10日]

Unfortunately, the worrying growth of covid-19 infections across Europe and the latest anti-covid restrictions have put an end to Luxembourg’s plans to host a physical Art Fair. However, Alex Reding, founder of Luxembourg Art Week, has worked hard over the summer in anticipation of the current scenario. Scaled back to a purely digital format, the […]

The Vollard Suite… a case study [2020年11月06日]

Although Pablo Picasso taught himself the engraving techniques that he mastered, he actually produced more than 2,500 engravings of various kinds. In the 1930s he produced what has come to be known as the Vollard Suite, a series of 100 prints whose themes and styles provide an unparalleled insight into the life of the Spanish […]

A look back over the major October art sales [2020年11月03日]

Works by Old Masters, Impressionists, Modern artists and Contemporary artists were all on offer in prestige sales that ended a few days ago most of which defiantly ignored traditional  classifications. Christie’s had a Tyrannosaurus Rex skeleton and a painting by Monet, while Sotheby’s offered three sculptural Alfa-Romeos by Franco Scaglione alongside a work by Richard […]

David Chau for ART 021 in Shanghai [2020年10月30日]

Founded in 2013 by the avant-gardist trio Kelly Ying, David Chau and Bao Yifeng, Shanghai’s ART 021 fair is preparing to open its 8th edition in the Chinese metropolis from 12 to 15 November 2020. No less than 114 galleries have confirmed their participation at the fair, which has emerged as one of the most […]

Updated Art Fairs Calendar for November 2020 [2020年10月27日]

With the Coronavirus pandemic gaining new ground, the governments of certain countries have introduced tighter health protection measures, including measures limiting the possibilities for travel and social and/or business gatherings. As November approaches, it is clear that the art world is more than ever adopting online solutions rather than physical meetings, and this applies equally […]

Basquiat and Koons account for 12% of the contemporary art turnover [2020年10月23日]

Over 30,000 artists sell publicly, but the market essentially turns on the top 100. The big names in Contemporary Art attract crowds to museums and lend credibility and prestige to collections, whether public or private. With works valued at tens of millions of dollars, much of the market’s interest is focused on these high-end signatures. […]

A couple of Parisian art fairs resist: Galeristes and ASIA NOW! [2020年10月20日]

Although all the major Parisian art events have been hastily cancelled (the Fiac, Paris photo and even Art & Museum) other fairs such as Galeristes and Asia Now have confirmed they will be taking place, highlighting the rarity of such events in this very difficult period. Galeristes 2020 The 5th edition of the Galeristes art […]

台北国际艺术博览会将于10月23日拉开帷幕 [2020年10月20日]

尽管世界各地许多艺术博览会已被取消或推迟,但台北国际艺术博览会(ART TAIPEI)将于10月23日至26日举行。在当前背景下,它是备受瞩目的艺博会。我们采访了该艺博会的总监——钟新经,透过她带领我们了解台北艺术博览会的发展演进、挑战以及定位。

Contemporary Art, the primary growth driver of the global Art Market [2020年10月13日]

Does today’s art auction universe bear any resemblance to what it was 20 years ago? This is the question we asked ourselves through this report. In this year 2020, severely shaken by the coronavirus pandemic, we felt it necessary to take a step back in order to broaden our vision beyond the « lost year » by […]

Victor Brauner… a seer at the Museum of Modern Art in Paris [2020年10月09日]

Grand Master of the Order of the Platypus, First Class Commander of the Legion of Saturn, an eccentric painter close to the Dada and Surrealist movements… Victor Brauner’s work is being shown at the Museum of Modern Art (MAM in Paris until 10 January 2021. We take this opportunity to recall some of the salient […]

Sanyu’s nudes have become a pillar of Hong Kong Sales [2020年10月07日]

With four results above the $20 million line over the past two years, Sanyu’s signature is once again at the top of the bill in the Hong Kong’s autumn sales. . An outstanding SAN Yu Nude was the star lot in Sotheby’s Hong Kong sale earlier this week. Described in the catalogue as a “grandiose […]

Focus on Lee Ufan. A minimalist and universal œuvre [2020年10月02日]

The artist Lee Ufan is a paradox disguised as an artist. At the crossroads of several civilizations, he very much rows against the world’s currents and pushes art into new territories…. as we will soon be able to discover at his new foundation in Arles. . “Contemporary art needs time”. Lee Ufan Born in 1936 […]

The New Art Fairs Calendar for October 2020 [2020年09月29日]

The Covid pandemic has prevented numerous fairs, biennials and art festivals from opening their doors. Further cancellations have been announced during September for important events. In total, no less than 25 events have been wiped off the initially planned calendar for October 2020, that’s almost 30% of the scheduled artistic events. In New York, the […]

American museums preparing to sell certain masterpieces [2020年09月25日]

Brooklyn Museum to Sell 12 Works as Pandemic Changes the Rules… the title of Robin Pogrebin’ article in the New York Times on 16 September after the announcement of the Brooklyn Museum’s decision to sell twelve works from its permanent collections. Faced with the crisis and despite reopening a few days earlier, the Brooklyn Museum […]

Five Covid-proof artists [2020年09月22日]

Unsurprisingly, the Art Market posted a significant contraction in H1 2020, although less severe than in 2009. The number of lots sold at auction fell by -21% and auction turnover dropped -49%. However, the blow was definitely softened by the solutions implemented by the major auction houses to continue trading and maintain at least some […]

Flash News: Keith Haring’s collection coming up for auction – Resistance of Parisian fairs… and cancellations [2020年09月18日]

Keith Haring’s collection coming up for auction What’s in the collection of one of the most committed New York artivists of the 1980s? Quite simply the most popular artists on the today’s market: Andy WARHOL and Jean-Michel BASQUIAT, of course, but also Roy Lichtenstein, Kenny Scharf, Futura 2000, Jenny Holzer and George Condo, all friends of […]

Nicolas Party helps resuscitate art market [2020年09月15日]

Ludic and colourful, the work of this Swiss artist is attracting the attention of international collectors.   Nicolas PARTY was born in Lausanne in 1980 and now lives between Brussels and New York. Exhibited by several major international galleries and museums, last year he became one of the youngest recruits at Hauser & Wirth, a highly […]

Flash News: Wayne Thiebaud, 100 years old… and a new record – Phillips and Poly Auction become partners – Paris, an artistic showcase [2020年09月11日]

. Wayne Thiebaud, 100 years old… and a new record Associated with Pop Art via his paintings of pastries, boots, toys or lipstick tubes, the American artist Morton Wayne THIEBAUD will celebrate his 100th birthday on 15 November 2020. Born into a French family, his surname is still pronounced à la française. In New York, […]

Nicolas de Largilliere soon above a million? [2020年09月08日]

“La Belle Strasbourgeoise is an emblem, a symbol, both aristocratic and popular at the same time. It is a perfect French image, almost solemn, of the nascent 18th century… free, elegant and feminine”. (Christie’s), …So ends the somewhat rapturous essay concerning the portrait by Nicolas DE LARGILLIERE (1656-1746) in the catalogue for the upcoming sale […]

Interview with Guillaume Piens, Art Paris Art Fair’s director [2020年09月01日]

You are in close touch with the galleries… What was your reaction to the beginning of the crisis in the spring of 2020? Well, everyone, myself included, was shocked… a terrible impression of being faced with emptiness and the unknown… and of course, in our case, a deep disappointment about not being able to host […]