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Flash News: the Vasarely Foundation launches its first NFTs; back on the sale of the Jacqueline Matisse Monnier collection [2022年04月15日]

The Vasarely Foundation, the first French cultural institution to create NFTs! After participating in Decentraland (first decentralized metaverse) in the first digital fashion week in history alongside Selfridges and Paco Rabanne, the Vasarely Foundation is launching its first NFTs on 26 April 2022. The fruit of a collaboration between Selfridges, the Fondation Vasarely and Paco […]

Women artists collectively cross the billion-dollar line in 2021! [2022年04月12日]

For the first time in auction history, female artists collectively accounted for over a billion dollars of the world’s total annual art auction turnover in 2021, versus $653 million in 2020! Annual auction turnover totals generated by female artists collectively: 2000: 82 million 2007: 377 million 2014: 580 million 2018: 775 million 2021: 1.095 billion […]

Top 10 auction results around the world in Q1 2022 [2022年04月08日]

During the first quarter of 2022, more than 200 artworks fetched over a million dollars at auctions around the globe. At Sotheby’s the key signatures were Magritte, Botticelli, Monet and Hockney, while prestige sales at Christie’s were above all animated by an incredible canvas by Franz Marc, a triptych by Francis Bacon and a couple […]

Auction market as builder and buffer for the NFT Market [2022年04月05日]

Traditional auction houses have been playing a launchpad role in NFT trading, but they could provide greater stability for this growing market. By providing valuation estimates, they synthesize the current state of supply and demand; by selling an NFT, they provide a reference price that is independent of the prices practiced on peer-to-peer platforms (like […]

ART PARIS reduces environmental impact… opening 7 April [2022年04月01日]

According Guillaume Piens, Director of Art Paris Art Fair, the art world has a bad record when it comes to the environment. For this 24th edition of Art Paris, the entire chain of production and logistics has been redesigned to reduce its environmental impact and themes relating to nature and ecology have been accorded high […]

Victor Vasarely… an approach based on multiples [2022年03月29日]

“The art of the privileged should become the art of the community. What is important is to have made this change both technically and materially.” V. Vasarely A master of optical illusions, Victor VASARELY (1906-1997) initiated an entire branch of artistic creation in the second half of the 20th century. From the first deformations of […]

Banksy and 21st Century Editions [2022年03月25日]

  On 15 March, Christie’s hosted a new auction format based on the success of the last four sales devoted to Banksy limited editions, all entitled I can’t believe you morons actually buy this sh*t. Last year’s session, on the same date, generated a record total of $6.1 million. This latest session – once again […]

France is at last NFT-compatible [2022年03月22日]

Last year the major international art auction operators – notably Christie’s, Sotheby’s and Phillips – took the plunge of embracing the innovative NFT phenomenon. The response was almost immediate with digital works eliciting incredible enthusiasm worldwide and upsetting many of the existing art and art market codes. In terms of geography, sales of NFTs in […]

Artprice 2021 Global Art Market Report: main trends and key figures [2022年03月18日]

Since March 15, the 2021 Global Art Market Report is available on This report offers an analysis of global auction sales of fine art, including paintings, sculptures, drawings, photographs, print, videos, installations, tapestries – and NFTs – but excluding antiques, anonymous cultural property and furniture. It covers the period from 1 January 2021 to […]

2021年艺术市场报告正式上线! [2022年03月15日]

2021年艺术市场报告正式上线! 在健康危机深刻影响艺术市场两年后,Artprice及其独家合作伙伴雅昌很荣幸地为您免费呈现全球艺术市场的风云变幻,并与您一同探索NFT和元宇宙世界。 于3月15日ARTPRICE.COM 正式上线 “在这场21世纪的启蒙运动中,艺术将围绕创作和虚拟经济(其实是真实的)重塑,最终成为一个百花齐放的舞台。独特性将一直是最亮的金字招牌,即便是在元宇宙的虚拟世界里。”── 蒂埃里·埃尔曼(thierry Ehrmann) • 健康危机对拍卖行的结构和交易质量有何影响? • 全球艺术市场如何实现60%增长? • 中国是否保持对美国的领先地位? • 英国脱欧后的艺术市场有何变化? • 哪些艺术家年度表现最佳,哪些艺术家最受欢迎? • 哪些艺术家打破了之前创下的纪录? • NFT市场的真面目是什么?它如何重新配置拍卖格局? 以上是这份2021 年艺术市场报告以Artprice和雅昌在2021年1月1日至12月31日期间的纯艺术公开拍卖结果为基础所分析的一些议题。 本报告还包含Artprice全球前500强艺术家排行榜、NFT艺术大事记以及解密这一近期现象的词汇解析。 祝您阅读愉快!

A number of well-known artists are getting into NFTs, including Damien Hirst, Takashi Murakami and Vhils. [2022年03月11日]

A year ago, NFTs took the art market by storm with the major auction houses substantially boosting the phenomenon: first Christie’s, then Sotheby’s and Phillips. A number of art galleries were quickly seduced, some, like the Pace Gallery, developing their own platforms. Most of them, however, are still preferring to wait, even when their artists […]

Sotheby’s sales dominated by Magritte [2022年03月08日]

On 2 March, Sotheby’s prestige sales of Modern and Contemporary Art in London were dominated by several paintings by Claude Monet, three works by Banksy (from the collection of singer Robbie Williams) and, above all, a masterpiece by René Magritte which generated by far the best result. $79.5 million: René Magritte’s new auction record A […]

Flash News: Christie’s took $330 million and Phillips expect $70 million for Basquiat [2022年03月04日]

Christie’s took $330 million on 1 March This week Christie’s hosted its first major sales of 20th and 21st Century Art of the year, with results confirming trends seen in recent months. Its Art of the Surreal evening sale in London was clearly dominated by René Magritte, whose five works fetched a total of $16.9 […]

Frida Kahlo, Latin America’s most expensive artist [2022年03月01日]

Last November Frida Kahlo became Latin America’s dearest artist thanks to a small canvas measuring 30 x 22 centimeters titled Diego y yo. We take a look at the auction history of one of the most cherished artists in art history, starting with the market history of that painting. Announced by Sotheby’s as “one of […]

Our selection: most popular signatures in Contemporary prints [2022年02月25日]

Artmarket’s teams regularly share selections of their “favourites” among the artworks being presented by our partner galleries on the Artprice marketplace. Following on from our recent article “Printmaking, the art market’s new favourite medium”, we would like to highlight a selection of prints by some of the most sought-after signatures on the Contemporary art market […]

Printmaking, the art market’s new favorite medium [2022年02月22日]

It’s a fact: the volume of auction transactions in fine art has reached an all-time high. The acceleration in online sales observed since the start of the pandemic has substantially contributed to increasing the population of bidders and boosting the market: some 664,000 artworks changed hands at auctions around the world during 2021, a new […]

What’s coming up in March? [2022年02月18日]

The calendar of major art auctions has been underway since the end of January, in particular with the sale of Botticelli’s superb The Man of Sorrows, a masterpiece that fetched $45.4 million at Sotheby’s New York at the end of January. Nevertheless, the pace will accelerate in 15 days: Christie’s and Sotheby’s are once again […]

The three best-selling artists in the world [2022年02月15日]

The three most “popular” artists on the art market, i.e. those for whom supply and demand are the most intense, all have prolific productions to their credit. The volumes produced during their careers feed a market whose appetite for their essential signatures never seems to tire. We take a quick look at the markets for […]

Focus on Omar Ba (1977) [2022年02月11日]

With a dozen major exhibitions currently paying tribute to black artists around the world, Sotheby’s is dedicating this month of February to African (or African-origin) artists. Observing the market enthusiasm (and commensurate price inflation) for a whole new generation of these artists, Artprice looks this week at Omar Ba, whose prices seem to have stabilized […]

The British Museum offers certified NFTs of works by J.M.W. Turner [2022年02月08日]

  Following their offer in collaboration with the French start-up of digital works by the Japanese engraver, Hokusai, the British Museum has now decided to bring the Romantic painter J. M. William TURNER (1775-1851) into the web3 era. Watercolors by Turner can fetch several million dollars, but the prestigious British institution is now offering […]

Christie’s, Sotheby’s, Phillips: a look at their relative markets [2022年02月01日]

We take a look at the geography of the three biggest Western art auction companies The year 2021 ended with exceptional, and – it has to be said – quite unexpected results on the global art auction market. The main international auction houses have in fact demonstrated tremendous agility along with a surprising capacity for […]

Focus on Cinga Samson [2022年01月28日]

Cinga Samson’s paintings exert a strange power of attraction while simultaneously exploring what it is to be African and questions of ‘identity’, the art market’s two favourite subjects at the moment. Originally from Cape Town where he still lives and works, Cinga SAMSON, aged 35, has already taken his paintings around the world, including Paris, […]

For a classification of NFTs on marketplaces and in Artprice databases [2022年01月25日]

An urgent need for greater clarity is emerging in the world of NFT platforms, which are already offering a very large number of diverse and varied products. To enhance the navigation experience, OpenSea has already organized their offer into ten categories: New, Art, Collectibles, Domain names, Music, Photography, Sports, Trading cards, Utility and Virtual Worlds, […]

Botticelli and Magritte… two masterpieces to start the art auction year in style [2022年01月21日]

As the year’s first quarter gets underway, several major works of incomparable quality are already earmarked for public sale, and their presence is in itself an indicator of the tremendous surge of confidence currently coursing through the veins of the art auction market. This week, Artprice looks at the two masterpieces being brought to market […]

Sotheby’s in 2021… an exceptional vintage [2022年01月18日]

In 2021, Sotheby’s opened new premises in Cologne (September) and Los Angeles (October), as well as an additional private sales pop-up gallery in Monaco, and a Metaverse; but it also enjoyed an explosion in demand, soaring prices on works by very young artists and the incredible success of NFTs, all of which generated breathtaking annual […]

Focus on Geneviève Asse [2022年01月14日]

Geneviève Asse passed away last summer at the age of 98. Close to Samuel Beckett, Pierre Soulages and Nicolas de Staël, Geneviève Asse left us a meditative œuvre that largely explores the calming qualities of abstract paintings in a variety of shades of blue. An eminent figure on the French artistic scene, Geneviève ASSE had […]

Artprice looks back over 2021 auction highlights and the NFT phenomenon [2022年01月11日]

The term ‘NFT’ has been elected word of the year 2021 (all languages combined) by the Collins English Dictionary. The blockchain technology supporting the existence of NFTs was officially born in 2017, but it is only in the last ten months that it has attracted the general public’s attention by inviting itself into the art […]

NFTs in museums [2022年01月04日]

In spring 2021, the Uffizi Gallery in Florence was the first museum to venture into digital art. With the help of Cinello, an Italian company offering digital copies of masterpieces (respecting their original dimensions), the famous museum offered the first digitally encrypted and certified authentic copy of the Tondo Doni, a sublime composition from the […]

The Top 2021 German artists [2021年12月28日]

Artprice’s fifth and final review of the strongest artists at auction by nationality looks at the top-performing German artists in 2021. This Top 10 ranking has just four names: Wassily Kandinsky, Sigmar Polke, Lucian Freud and Gerhard Richter, with the latter not only dominating the market for German artists, but also holding a Top-5 position […]

Flash news: art fairs postponed – The Guerlain Prize winners [2021年12月24日]

A series of art fairs postponed Spring will start later than expected for art fair organizers as well as for galleries already committed to participating, often several months ahead of the originally planned dates. The ‘fifth wave’ of covid and the progression of the epidemic linked to the Omicron variant has forced art fair organizers […]