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The top-selling British artists in 2021 [2021年12月21日]

Continuing our series on top-selling artists at auction by nationality, this week Artprice looks at the year’s 10 best auction results for British artists (all creative periods combined). Peter Doig, Francis Bacon, Banksy, Lucian Freud, David Hockney and Hurvin Anderson share the British Top 10 with a clear lead from Peter Doig, who generated the […]

Yayoi Kusama: at last a female artist in the global Top 10 [2021年12月17日]

The public and collectors all over the world are increasingly infatuated by Yayoi Kusama’s contagious polka dots which seem to have spread throughout the art market. At 92, the artist has become the very first woman in the global Top 10 artists with a best-ever annual auction total from the sale of over 700 lots […]

The top-selling American artists in 2021 [2021年12月14日]

As the year draws to a close, we can calculate provisional conclusions about the most in-demand artists on the global auction market in 2021. After a review of the most successful French artists (French artists on top of the market!), Artprice looks at which American signatures attracted the highest bids during 2021. Four Basquiats in […]

Christie’s Paris celebrates its 20th anniversary [2021年12月10日]

Twenty years have passed since François Curiel set up the French headquarters of Christie’s in Paris. The British company’s arrival in France was made possible in 2001 by the French government finally cancelling the royal decree prohibiting foreign competition for auctions and opening its internal market to international companies. When they arrived, Christie’s decided to […]

French artists on top of the market! [2021年12月07日]

As the year closes, we add up and compare the market performances of the artists at auction all over the world. Our initial conclusions, in early December, indicate that 2021 is going to be one of the best-ever years for artists of French nationality (or French residence), far outstripping the overall results for artists of […]

Flash News: Miami in the NFT era – The Brafa is postponed – Historic record for Phillips [2021年12月03日]

Art Basel Miami… in the NFT era A one-day symposium on NFTs, conferences in museums (notably with BEEPLE at the Bass Museum), special NFT offers everywhere, the chance to create your own NFTs… crypto-art has invaded Miami’s art fairs (ending December 5). Even before the official opening of the 2021 Miami Art Week, the 20th […]

Georgia O’Keeffe, last chance! [2021年11月30日]

The Pompidou Center’s major retrospective of Georgia O’Keeffe’s work will be ending on 6 December which means there are only a few days left to discover this immense American artist in Paris. Before the exhibition closes, Artprice takes a look at her career and some key market data. The Pompidou Center exhibition opens with a […]

Our three-dimensional favorites [2021年11月26日]

Artmarket’s teams are glad to highlight their selection of favorites among the works presented by our partner galleries on Artprice’s online marketplace. From Yayoi Kusama to Bernar Venet, this week we focus our spotlight on a selection of Contemporary sculptures among the nearly 6,000 three-dimensional works available on the Artprice marketplace. One of France’s most […]

Sotheby’s: a week at $1.1 billion! [2021年11月23日]

Last Monday, a week after Christie’s white glove sale of the Cox Collection (including a painting by Gustave Caillebotte at a record $53 million), Sotheby’s offered part of the highly anticipated Macklowe Collection (generating $676 million!). The following day, the American auction house again made art news headlines with an extraordinary self-portrait by Frida Kahlo […]

Etel Adnan… and the success of Lebanese Artists [2021年11月18日]

At the time of writing the following lines Etel Adnan was still among us. Unfortunately she died in Paris at the age of 96 on 14 November. We pay our respects to this master of color and light.   Born in Beirut in 1925 to a Greek mother and a Syrian father, with multiple cultural […]

Christie’s hammers $970 million in a week! [2021年11月16日]

Last week Christie’s took $970 million from three sales and two very lively auction evenings. With 15 new auction records, 22 artists, from Van Gogh to Beeple, crossed the $10 million threshold. The whole week was animated by an augmented audience with the auctions being organized live from New York, but also from Hong Kong […]

The high end market for prints: focus on Hokusai’s Great Wave [2021年11月10日]

Matisse and Picasso, Haring and Basquiat, Warhol, Richter and Banksy… the year’s top-selling prints have shown a distinct preference for Modern & Contemporary works over ‘historical’ works. Indeed, the appeal of the new is perfectly illustrated by the fact that the year’s highest price in this medium so far is for a work by Banksy, […]

Several young artists have dwarfed their estimates; Artprice takes a closer look [2021年11月05日]

On 14 October 2021, just before its prestige Contemporary Art Evening Sale in London, Sotheby’s calculated the estimated value of the canvas I’ll Have What She’s Having (2020) by Flora Yukhnovich at $80,000 – $110,000. But the work finally sold for over $3 million. Nothing justifies this result 30 times higher than the estimates, if […]

Major Georg Baselitz retrospective at Pompidou Center [2021年11月02日]

The Pompidou Center in Paris is hosting the largest Georg Baselitz retrospective ever organized in the world: six decades of creation by an essential artist. The exhibition will be open until 7 March 2022. Baselitz never liked overly ‘classical’ artists. He prefered Soutine, Picasso, Duchamp, Otto Dix or the African statues that he has collected […]

Our “pick of the week” (Photography) [2021年10月29日]

From over 3,000 photographs presented by our partner galleries on our website ( this week’s selection by Artmarket’s teams focuses on a couple of Contemporary photos. The work of several artists – including that of Denis Darzacq (represented by Galerie RX), Valérie Jouve and Liu Bolin – questions the place of the individual in society. […]

Focus on Toyin Ojih Odutola [2021年10月26日]

At 36, this artist from Nigeria is already among the most successful artists at auction, all periods of creation combined. Born in Ile-Ife, Nigeria in 1985 to a Yoruba father and an Igbo mother, Toyin Ojih Odutola was five years old when her family moved to Berkeley, California, where her father, Dr. J. Ade Odutola, […]

Flash News: Banksy’s latest record…, The rise of Flora Yukhnovich, The hottest signatures at Christie’s [2021年10月22日]

Banksy’s latest record… In the 2020/21 period (30 June – 1 July) BANKSY accounted for 15% of the UK’s total fine art auction turnover and 7% of the global auction turnover hammered in the Contemporary art auction segment. On 14 October last, Sotheby’s London sold one of the most anticipated works of the fall season: […]

Market temperature in Hong Kong after Sotheby’s recent sales [2021年10月19日]

In the first half of 2021 Sotheby’s posted a spectacular total of HK $1.3 billion ($167 million) from its Hong Kong Modern Art sales, a new record for Sotheby’s in Asia. Christie’s, for its part, posted a clear turnover increase on its HK fine art sales during H1 2021, with a significant evolution in the […]

Art Taipei [2021年10月15日]

台北国际艺术博览会(10月22-25日),张逸群独家访谈 台北国际艺术博览会新任理事长张逸群就亚洲藏家举首戴目的新一届展会内容接受Artprice独家访谈。 创办于1992年的台北国际艺术博览会是亚洲资历最老的国际艺术展会。已成功举办28届的博览会是东南亚文化活动中不容错失的盛事。该盛事受到台湾艺术收藏发烧友的鼎力支持,越来越活跃的市场也它增色不少。 与世界各地许多类似的其它活动相反,去年台北国际艺术博览会面对新冠疫情没有取消或延期,而是如期举行。不过,疫情还是对2020 年的展会造成了很大影响,因为国际参展商的数量锐减。 今年如何?您已開始讓展商的密度(數量)回到疫前的水準了嗎? 其實從2020年到2021年,台灣因為人民自律以及政府的政策,讓台灣免於受到瘟疫的侵襲,但是在2020年全球還是處在大爆發的階段,展商也不敢做跨國的旅行。但2020年來台灣參展的畫廊,都獲得了非常好的成績,回國後也在其國內的畫廊業界流傳。 今年的展商數量為124家,較去年的92家有所成長,但有許多國外的畫廊仍然因為疫情與隔離的政策無法參展,因此要回到過去的展商數量,需要全球一起共同努力。 展會的主要展商是臺灣展商,這是權宜之計?臺灣畫廊的總量在近幾年有顯著成長嗎? ART TAIPEI 是全球少數由「畫廊協會」所舉辦的藝術博覽會,這意謂著博覽會能夠擁有會員的支持,這些會員也正是博覽會組成的核心,這一點在過去的27年來都沒有變過。最早從1995年開始ART TAIPEI就有國際畫廊的加入,大會都刻意透過評審機制維持50%台灣畫廊,50% 國際畫廊的參展比例。而台灣因為在亞太的金融地位以及貿易位置,在疫情前每年都吸引許多國外的畫廊前來參加台北國際藝術博覽會,從去年開始,大家發現展會的主要展商是臺灣,是因為國外的畫廊都因為疫情無法前來,這是疫情時代的正常現象,就像前幾周前剛結束的紐約軍械庫展及ART BASEL都有類似的本地化現象。所以我們不會說這是權宜之計,更多的是在疫情下每個藝術博覽會都需要面對的議題。從另外一個角度來看,此一現象也更加凸顯了在地畫廊的支持是對藝博會長久生存和成長的重要根基。 若說到台灣畫廊的總量增加是有的,根據畫廊協會的統計,其成員在2013年的時候有107家畫廊,到了2021年的時候成長為130家畫廊,8年來成長超過21%,但這是一個漸進式的成長,也反應出台灣藝術收藏的人口漸漸增長,才能支持起畫廊產業的發展。 我們能在這次博覽會看見哪些台灣象徵性的藝術家? 在ART TAIPEI不僅僅是可以看到台灣資深前輩藝術家作品例如陳澄波、廖繼春、劉國松、霍剛、林壽宇,也可以看的到台灣中堅藝術家如楊識宏這次以個展展出、李真的雕塑作品等。年輕一輩具代表性的台灣藝術家包括席時斌以及吳耿禎。 除了這些之外,ART TAIPEI最值得一提的是對台灣新銳藝術家的培育及提倡,我們與文化部合作的「MIT新人推薦特區」今年邁入第14年,每一年都在國內徵選35歲以下的年輕創作者,在ART TAIPEI的平台進行學習與畫廊合作,並接觸大量的收藏家,以此協助年輕的創作者進入藝術產業。從2020年開始,原住民委員會也借鏡這樣的模式來扶植青年藝術家,與ART TAIPEI合作,共同推展原住民的年輕藝術家,因此在2021年能夠在ART TAIPEI看見MIT新人推薦特區、原住民新銳推薦特區這兩個展區的青年藝術家。 同時今年我們也跨界與時尚合作,推出「時尚藝術特區」,媒合藝術家與時裝設計師,共同創造出結合藝術與時尚的創作,在這個特展,也能夠看到台灣藝術家與台灣服裝設計師共同碰撞的火花。 有些畫廊來自香港,而有數以十計的展商來自日本,台灣收藏家對日本藝術家有特別的喜好嗎?如果是的話,有哪些藝術家是台灣藏家特別喜歡的? 台灣位於太平洋第一島鏈的中心位置,在地理、歷史、經貿、文化上都與鄰國有密切的關係,日本是一個強大的文化輸出國,台灣自然也接納了日本來的藝術與文化;在當代藝術方面,台灣藏家喜愛世界知名的良美智、草間彌生、鹽田千春,再來是日本的「具體派」如白髮一雄,以及戰後藝術家群,新一代的藝術家有六角彩子、小松美羽、中村萌、中原千尋等代表藝術家。 AT Space還有AT Space Project,您創造了藝博會之中的小型展覽嗎?這些”space”是指什麼?我們能在裡面發現什麼呢? AT SPACE 和AT SPACE PROJECT都是指展會區域內的公共藝術,當初設立的想法是希望鼓勵展商能夠拓寬對ART TAIPEI內的公共藝術申請更多的嘗試與想像,因為公共藝術是和空間場域的結合與對話,AT SPACE指的是以往我們在展會走道上可以看的到的公共藝術裝置,而AT SPACE PROJECT則是鼓勵展商申請以新媒體藝術創作打造互動展示空間,達到沉浸式藝術體驗效果。今年比較可惜AT SPACE PROJECT沒有收到合適的申請,並沒有進一步執行,但作為第一年的創新嘗試,我們覺得已經達到拓寬展商參展思路的效果。 近來讓台灣成為亞洲藝術市場的樞鈕的原因是?台灣未來有什麼樣的強項可以發展? 台灣之所以能成為亞洲藝術市場的樞紐不外乎其地理位置優勢以及自由民主的價值體系。從古至今,台灣一直是東亞的交通要道,也經歷過西班牙、荷蘭、日本殖民管理,漸漸的使得這個小島對於不同文化的極大包容性及開放性,所有外來文化都可以在台灣落地並與本土特色融合,以另外一種方式呈現,形成具有台灣特色的文化樣貌。同時台灣也是亞洲地區少數將民主自由價值體現和落實地非常完整的地方,藝術茁壯的根基在於自由表達意志,個人和集體意識皆能找到好的平衡點,彼此理解和尊重,才能有良好的藝術交流與創作,我們認為台灣以這非常難以取代的兩點優勢,能極大吸引亞洲其他地方的畫廊、藝術家、藝術機構關注、重視並匯聚。當然除了從宏觀角度看的兩個原因外, 台灣的龐大的藝術收藏族群及普及的全民藝術教育,也很大程度促進了產業的成長與發展。近年來我們觀察到新進的藏二代陸續加入壯大了收藏的行列,影 響並多元化了收藏的趨勢和類別,更進一步強化了市場的穩定成長。與此同時,相比於其他許多亞洲國家,台灣的藝術教育普及及提倡是十分積極的,不僅僅是在教育體系中有所體現,近年來各大公私立美術館、藝文機構的建立,以及鼓勵民眾參與藝術文化活動的風氣,有利於整體藝術產業正向發展,而且這樣的風氣不只是在台北,而是在全台遍地開花涵蓋台中、高雄、台南等重要城市。上述這些原因都很好的讓台灣成為亞洲地區極為重要且不可取代的亞洲藝術市場樞紐。 地点: Taipei World Trade Center Exhibition Hall 1 地址: […]

A weakened position for London ? [2021年10月12日]

As the Hong Kong art market develops at a phenomenal pace, London is relatively less attractive than it was ten years ago. Christie’s, Sotheby’s and Phillips are now selling certain Western masterpieces – for example, by Basquiat, Still, Richter and Ghenie – in Asia rather than in London, reflecting a general shift of the global […]

Focus on Jérémy Gobé [2021年10月08日]

  Actively involved in major art and art market events for over 30 years, Artprice also provides support to certain artists whose work it considers of vital importance. This is the case of the French artist Jérémy Gobé who focuses on the development of solutions to environmental challenges. Convinced of the value of his approach, […]

Contemporary art market: our report is now online! [2021年10月05日]

All in all, the Contemporary Art auction market saw its global turnover contract -34% over the 2019/2020 period as it rushed to stop the hemorrhage caused by the “panic” of March 2020 and the complete stoppage of auctions. Fortunately, the subsequent organization of online sales offset the closure of galleries and auction rooms and the […]

Women artists… rhythm and color on Artprice marketplace [2021年10月01日]

Artmarket’s teams are resuming their selection from among the works of our partner galleries on the Artprice’s online marketplace. This week our selection focuses on four of the most famous female artists in the field of abstract art: Sonia Delaunay, Aurélie Nemours, Joan Mitchell and Geneviève Asse, all essential artists whose œuvres are internationally recognized. […]

New records for Indian and Pakistani artists in New York [2021年09月28日]

A work by Jehangir Sabavala sold for a $1.5 million; another by Bhupen Khakhar fetched nearly a million. Rabindranath Tagore and Abdur Rahman Chughtai generated impressive results… In short, the recent sale at Christie’s New York on 22 September (South Asian Modern + Contemporary Art) indicates distinctly positive price trends for South Asia’s major painters. […]

Flash News: Superb Morozov Collection – Praemium Imperiale for James Turrell [2021年09月24日]

Superb Morozov Collection: icons of Modern art Vincent Van Gogh: Café de nuit (1888), oil on canvas, 72 x 92 cm. This masterpiece by Van Gogh was purchased by Ivan Morozov for 3,000 rubles ($35,000 in today’s money) at the 1908 La Toison d’or exhibition. It would probably fetch over 100 million dollars today. . […]

Focus on Kudzanai-Violet Hwami [2021年09月21日]

Her figurative works address themes of gender, sexuality, race and violence … exactly what museums, collectors and the market are looking for right now as they rewrite a more inclusive story. Through her portraits of black people as so many “celebrations of Afro-punk and the LGBTQ + community” (to quote the title of Hero-magazine, October […]

Flash News: NFT sales in Hong Kong – Macklowe Collection and Cox Collection [2021年09月17日]

No return to business after the summer recess without NFTs!… Last week, from just two lots created by Yuga Labs in its online session “Ape In!” Sotheby’s generated $26.2 million, setting its latest record for an NFT sale. Of these two lots, a set of 101 YUGA LABS NFTs depicting monkeys sold for $24.4 million (101 […]

As the auction market resumes its activities, Artprice takes a look at some of the best works for sale in New York [2021年09月14日]

Asian art week begins today at Christie’s with no less than six separate online sales for this traditional week of Asian Art auctions in New York. The sales will be offering a wide range of lots from the entire Asian continent… from a Tang dynasty silver “rhino” dish to Huanghuali furniture. The first sale is […]

The world’s top-selling living artist, Banksy returns to the limelight in October [2021年09月10日]

On 14 October Sotheby’s will once again be offering Banksy’s famous Girl With Balloon (2006) which, in 2018 –  just after being hammered down for over a million dollars – partially self-destructed by means of a remotely activated shredding device concealed inside the work’s frame… in front of a dumbfounded public. For Sotheby’s, this act […]

Art Paris Art Fair: Véronique Jaeger and Suzanne Tarasieve [2021年09月07日]

The first Modern and Contemporary art fair to be held in the Grand Palais Éphémère (replacement building set up behind the Eiffel Tower while renovation work is conducted on the 19th century Grand Palais), Art Paris Art Fair is now open until 12 September 2021. We interviewed two directors of emblematic galleries present at the […]