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Bonhams and Sotheby’s, two auction houses determined to support African art [2020年01月10日]

The auction houses have not found it an easy task to bring Modern and Contemporary African art to the eyes of international collectors, but some of them have shown remarkable tenacity, giving the works time to find their audience. After several years of disappointment, demand is clearly on the ascent with their turnover from African […]

Taipei Dangdai Art Fair, interview with Magnus Renfrew [2020年01月07日]

With over 20 years experience in the international art world and recognised expertise in its Asian sphere, Magnus Renfrew launched a new art fair in Taiwan last year: TAIPEI DANGDAI. After a successful first edition, Renfrew explained to Artprice the logic of offering a quality fair in Taiwan, alongside Hong Kong’s highly successful event. Magnus […]

Sanyu… China’s Matisse [2019年12月31日]

Sanyu… China’s Matisse After Zao Wou Ki, Sanyu has become yet another highly appreciated signature on the global art market’s Sino-French segment, with the prices of his best works now approaching those of Matisse. According to the Dutch art critic Jan D. Voskuil – writing in 1932 when SAN Yu was just 31 – The […]

Our “blue chip” artists index outperforms the S&P 500 [2019年12月27日]

over the long term and posts a 3.3% increase for 2019 American stock markets have been super buoyant this year: the S&P 500 started the year at 2,510 points and reached 3,190 points this Tuesday, 17 December 2019. That’s a 26.2% increase over 12 months… adding more than a quarter to this fundamental index’s historical […]

The relationship between Chinese artists and Western culture [2019年12月24日]

After World War I, China implemented a major program of sending young talents to the other end of the world… and, very often, to the other end of the silk road, with the objective of ‘acquiring new knowledge’. The arts were just one of the many disciplines that these talented young Chinese students came to […]

Top 10 of the most expensive artworks in 2019 [2019年12月20日]

Artprice regularly reviews the top 10 ranking of artworks that have fetched the highest prices on the global art auction market… works that have excited and moved global buyers more than any others. As the year-end is an appropriate moment for tallies and totals, here is an update of the most spectacular Fine Art auction […]

Zao Wou-ki and Zhang Daquian, the two giants of the Chinese market [2019年12月17日]

In our 2019 global ranking of artists by auction turnover, China’s two top-selling artists are posting totals on a par with those of Western artists like Claude Monet and Andy Warhol. With a combined total of over $385 million this year, Zao Wou-ki and Zhang Daqian’s results have driven the market. Zhang Daqian, Strange Pines […]

The Paris art market gains in quality [2019年12月10日]

Sotheby’s stands out from its competitors in Paris. A month after the records hammered at its Claude and François-Xavier Lalanne sale – 100% of the lots sold and the highest total for a Sotheby’s sale in Paris (€91.3 million versus an estimated high total of just 23 million!) – the company has ended the year […]

Bamako Encounters has evolved… [2019年12月06日]

For the 12th year running the Malian capital, Bamako, is hosting this major event dedicated to photography, become the largest of its kind in Africa. Coinciding with the 25th anniversary of the project, Encounters is expected to attract some 5,000 visitors between 30 November 2019 and 31 January 2020, and is likely to send ripples […]

An exceptional season for Christie’s in Hong Kong [2019年12月03日]

“In spite of the current geopolitical challenges, the market is confident” said Francis Belin, Head of Christie’s Asia-Pacific zone, after their programme of Hong Kong sales in November. In five days, Christie’s HK sales generated a total turnover of $337 million which included $159.7 million from its sales of 20th Century & Contemporary Art of […]

Art Basel Miami Beach and Cie 2019 [2019年11月28日]

Art Basel Miami Beach, Convention Center Art Basel has managed to stretch the Contemporary Art Fair concept to its limits, turning its Floridan incarnation into a veritable marathon! The central event of the 18th edition in Miami will host no less than 269 major international galleries from 32 countries, showing work by more than 4,000 […]

Five very important painters over 99 years old [2019年11月26日]

Pablo Picasso was 56 when he painted Guernica in 1937, and some say it was the pinnacle of his career, with his best works already behind him… It was sometimes suggested that during his 35 remaining active years, Picasso – the most imaginative of the artists of the 20th century – never reached the same […]

The photography market’s top sales… from Paris to New York [2019年11月22日]

Every November Paris hosts a multitude of special events dedicated to photography. This year the core fair, Paris Photo, was accompanied by numerous “off” fairs and auction sales, as well as a whole series of special exhibitions at Parisian cultural institutions. The result was a rich and highly diverse program attracting a record number of […]

Stability: the new market standard? [2019年11月18日]

Following their Impressionist & Modern Art sales last week, Christie’s and Sotheby’s Contemporary Art sessions generated a combined total of $595.8 million, down 11% on last year’s total, but still reflecting a remarkably buoyant market. After New York’s latest round of major Contemporary Art sales, an article in the New York Times suggests that stability […]

New York’s Impressionist & Modern sales post turnover down 32% on 2018 [2019年11月15日]

Impressionist & Modern masterpieces are still fetching high prices with a new record for Umberto Boccioni and a strong result at nearly $20 million for a work by Gustave Caillebotte… but there weren’t any really big-ticket trophies. Christie’s and Sotheby’s prestige sales kicked off on 11 November with, as usual, two Imp/Mod catalogues containing roughly […]

Art Düsseldorf by Walter Gehlen [2019年11月12日]

With Art Düsseldorf opening on 15 November, its director Walter Gehlen discusses the strategy underpinning the success of this young German fair with Art Market Insight. Walter Gehlen, Director of the Art Düsseldorf. Copyright: Oliver Tjaden Can you give us a rough outline of the key steps in your career that have led to you […]

Lucian Freud by Lucian Freud [2019年11月08日]

When asked if he thought he was a good model for his own work, Freud replied “No, I don’t accept the information that I get when I look at myself, that’s where the trouble starts.” Lucian FREUD (1922-2011) – one of the world’s greatest Post-War portrait painters – changed the way we look at anatomy… […]

Excitement when the market discovers old treasures… [2019年11月05日]

On 27 October an auction house in the Oise region north of Paris hosted an event that sent ripples throughout the art world: the offer of a rare and newly-discovered Cimabue painting. The result represents a new world auction record for a ‘Primitive Christian’ painting. Behind the public sale of this small wood panel depicting […]

Shanghai brimming with art… [2019年11月01日]

Shanghai is a superb artistic destination this November with – among other events– the inauguration of the Shanghai branch of the Pompidou Center… a Pierre Soulages exhibition at the city’s Perrotin Gallery… Zhou Chunya at the Long Museum… and the prestigious West Bund Art & Design Fair (7-10 November). Image Courtesy of West Bund Art […]

The new MoMA: bigger… more rotation… and greater diversification [2019年10月29日]

One of the world’s most important artistic institutions, the MoMA, came into being at the end of the 1920s after a small group of rich New York benefactors, the famous Daring Ladies (Lillie Bliss, Mary Quinn Sullivan and Abby Aldrich Rockefeller), made an initial gift of eight prints and a drawing… almost nothing. Nevertheless that […]

Christie’s and Sotheby’s kick off Paris sales [2019年10月25日]

Now well established in the Parisian sales calendar, Christie’s and Sotheby’s both took advantage of the FIAC’s power of attraction with international collectors to organize, during the same week, their Impressionist & Modern Art sessions in Paris, offering catalogues that celebrate the influence of the French avant-garde. For the past four years, Christie’s has presented […]

Anselm Kiefer: success from Lyon to Beijing [2019年10月22日]

There is plenty to see by German artist Anselm Kiefer at the Lyon Biennale. Having lived and worked in France since 1993, Kiefer is particularly appreciated in his country of adoption and has received numerous French awards for his work over the years. His work has been the subject of major exhibitions, including Monumenta at […]

Flash News: $12.2m for Banksy – New records at Christie’s – Nara, Japan’s most expensive living artist [2019年10月18日]

As Artprice by Art Market has just released it Annual Contemporary Art Market Report, we take a look at the first auction records of the new season. $12.2 million for Banksy’s political parody  Devolved Parliament is a huge painting (250 x 420 cm) completed 10 years ago, the biggest known canvas by Britain’s most popular living […]

Boltanski in the “recomposed past” [2019年10月15日]

  Signs reading “START” at the entrance to the exhibition and “FINISH” at the exit somewhat enigmatically suggest that visitors should experience the show as a voyage from one place to another (possibly, even, from birth to death… also suggested by the show’s title “Faire son temps”). Gallery 1 of the Pompidou Center in Paris […]

The Gagosian’s grand projects for the late Simon Hantaï (1922-2008) [2019年10月14日]

Yesterday, 13 October 2019, the Gagosian Gallery inaugurated in its wide space at Le Bourget, on the outskirts of Paris, a first exhibition dedicated to Simon HANTAÏ, whose estate the international gallery now represents worldwide. Titled LES NOIRS DU BLANC, LES BLANCS DU NOIR, the exhibition focuses on canvases and prints made between 1969 and 1997, […]

Flash News : Munich: Paper Positions expands and Highlights celebrates 10 years – Olafur ELIASSON at the Tate Modern [2019年10月11日]

Munich: Paper Positions expands and Highlights celebrates 10 years The first edition of the new POSITIONS Munich Art Fair will be held from 17 to 20 October 2019 at Reithalle Munich. Victim of its success, the fair has expanded to include works of Modern and Contemporary Art (all mediums combined) and a smaller section will […]

2019 年度当代艺术市场报告 [2019年10月07日]

蒂埃里·埃尔曼(Thierry Ehrmann),Art Market旗下子公司Artprice创始人兼总裁寄语 第21期当代艺术市场报告揭示了当前市场的真正活力:目前,全世界每年有7万多件当代艺术作品在拍场成交。这几乎是上世纪90年代初艺术市场的全部交易量。 Artprice报告采用完全相同的标准和始终如一的衡量方法,首先满足客观性和连贯性的要求,并且长期以来为大众提供绝对独特的艺术市场分析。因此,我们的工作有助于提高艺术市场的透明性和流畅性,提倡作品的可追溯性,并根据拍卖历史、供求状况以及综合所有现有资料,逐步并持续地观察作品在市场上构建价格的过程。 当代艺术不具备盲目的投机性。通常这一市场的收益率最高,因为作品本身的价值是随着艺术家作品的创作量及其在艺术史的地位,被逐渐创造出来。 Artprice报告针对当代艺术市场呈现出全面、清晰、准确的分析,补充了Artprice订阅内容中所提供的智能搜索和研究分析工具以及微观与宏观经济研究信息。它分析了当代艺术市场的所有健康指标,并总结了过去12个月中活跃在市场上的主要趋势。因此,本报告为艺术市场的所有参与者,包括业余爱好者和年轻收藏家,乃至专业人士和国际机构,提供了一项不可或缺的研究参考。它让每个人都能根据艺术市场及其地缘政治的演变,找到各自艺术收藏的定位。 收藏家们在天时、地利、人合的机缘下,购买对的作品。 当所有这些指标都达到最高水平时,交易便具有历史意义。 这就是匿名艺术家班克斯(Banksy)作品《权力下放的国会》(Devolved Parliament)的情况。该作品于2019年10月3日在伦敦苏富比以1,200万美元(990万英镑)的价格售出。 这是身价暴涨的艺术家的著名画作,但同时也是一幅描绘黑猩猩主宰英国议会,在英国退欧难以维持的情况下拍出的作品。 我相信,在一个正在扼杀一切独特性的社会中,当代艺术保持着特立独行的一面。 目录 总体情况 艺术市场的地缘政治 最佳拍卖行 身价最高的艺术家 非洲艺术家的突破 当代艺术品拍卖百强榜 当代艺术家前500强 2019 年度当代艺术市场报告

Flash News: Cimabue discovery – Zao Wou Ki and Sanyu masterpieces – A major de Staël to be offered [2019年10月04日]

Extraordinary Cimabue discovery… “Proud as the century in which he lived, he (Cimabue) perfectly depicted the faces of the people that populate his works, especially those of the elderly, portraying them in a strong and sublime manner that later artists were unable to capture”. (L. Lanzi, Storia pittorica della Italia). CIMABUE (c.1240/50-c.1302) on sale at […]

Frieze London week [2019年10月01日]

The first major international art fair of the season, Frieze London opens this week in Regent’s Park. More than 50,000 visitors are expected from 3 to 6 October in London for this 17th edition, mixing the most promising galleries with the most famous dealers, including Tanya Bonakdar, Sadie Coles, Hauser & Wirth, Gagosian, Blum & […]

Flash News: The “last” Botticelli – Jérémy Gobé & Andrea Mastrovito at the Bullukian Foundation – Degas at the Opera [2019年09月27日]

The “last” Botticelli A painting by Sandro BOTTICELLI (1445-1510) belonging to the Guardans-Cambó family of Barcelona and declared “an asset of cultural interest” in 1988 will leave Spain to be sold by the Trinity Fine Art Gallery during the Frieze Masters (4-6 October). According to the London gallery responsible for its sale, the portrait was […]